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One dilemma facing many companies in Virginia is how best to support the software that is run in house. There are always issues that arise with applications and operating systems that require isolation of problems, calls to vendors, installation of modifications, testing, documentation, and all of the tasks involved with supporting production data processing.

The problem is particularly vexing for a small business. Clearly, an IT resource is needed, so that other workers can concentrate on their jobs. But even a single IT analyst can represent a significant addition to the company's cost structure. And if that employee is away on vacation, absent due to illness or disability, or leaves the company, the small business is back to square one.

Many businesses have learned that outsourcing is the best way to handle their software support in Virginia. The costs are cheaper than what they would pay for a full-time IT analyst's salary and benefits. Rather than investing in a single analyst whose knowledge must be spread across their suite of products, they reap the benefits of a team of consultants featuring product specialists. The burden of replacing and training analysts is borne by the vendor, so the small company is free to devote their resources to their core business.

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