Let Software Support Companies in South Carolina Help With Your Technical Needs

The bottom-line for many small companies in South Carolina is cutting costs and making assets last longer, all to grow a business in a time when profits seem so elusive. And one of the first items companies often downsize is their information technology budgets. Smaller companies often create a single technology specialist position to handle all the service delivery needs for the company. A jack-of-all-trade’s role typically includes networking, help desk, application installation, and server administration. Such technology specialists may even create web pages and act as a security officer. Although this model provides support for a wide variety of services as noted, it does not necessarily equate to cost effectiveness. Counterintuitive as this may be, it stems from the principle of lost opportunity. It is true that such companies control overhead costs, but they sacrifice flexibility to take on important technology opportunities that may arise because their technology resources are dedicated to other projects.

A common trend in technology support services today is server virtualization. This technology allows a company to consolidate several stand alone servers to single server where each operating system is virtualized. Because so much time on servers is idle, this saves on purchasing expensive hardware and reducing power costs. And most in-house technology professionals with enough time and training can configure and setup virtualization and then migrate these standalone servers to a virtualized server. But, the time spent spinning up on this new technology is a sunken cost for the business while service support or development is being neglected.

Partnering with South Carolina software support consultants can shorten your implementation time and increase the quality of your implementation. Shortening the implementation time saves money, and not just the learning period, but also rework. In-house specialists don’t have the experience of multiple implementations, so they won’t know the pitfalls of selecting the wrong path. Enlisting help from South Carolina software support companies can save your business time and money - both of which are extremely valuable to any business owner.

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