North Carolina Software Support Firms Can Handle Your Technical & IT Services

If you are like many small or medium-sized companies, one of the problems with which you struggle is how best to support the computer software that is vital to your business.

Your first thought may be to handle this function in-house. While this may seem like the simplest and least expensive option, most small businesses quickly learn otherwise, and ultimately turn to North Carolina software support consultants.

A small company typically has one or more core businesses at which it is proficient, software support not being one of them. Many underestimate the drain a do-it-yourself approach can create. Costs associated with creating a support group include human resource procurement, management, training, office space, a phone system, incident tracking, and a test environment, on top of salaries and benefits. Staffing levels are difficult to predict, because volume of support incidents will fluctuate. Targeting for the peak periods increases direct costs, while failing to do so can cause delays that impact the business at the worst possible times. Staffing is further complicated by turnover and absence of support analysts. Quickly, it becomes evident that the cheaper in-house solution is anything but that.

In addition to decreasing cost, outsourcing this function to one of the software support companies in North Carolina has other benefits. Because the consulting company handles support for multiple small businesses like yours, they can afford to employ application specialists, rather than generalists responsible for your entire suite of software products, resulting in better support. Your business is insulated against worst-case scenarios such as permanent or temporary loss of multiple support analysts at the same time.

Once you've made the decision to hire a vendor to handle your support, how does one locate a service provider? The list of North Carolina software support companies found on this page is a good place to start.


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